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Men Who Dress Well

It’s rare to find a man who is both well-dressed and straight but when you do hold on to him! Here is my favorite street style looks for men who I have seen recently. These men prove putting extra effort in your look only makes you look more masculine.

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Sorry I have been MIA, like Woody at the Oscars. Gonna step up my game and commit to this better, but its hard getting around to it every day when I am so busy with college work, partying, and pledging. Please give me any feedback though and tell me what you like, want to see more of, and didn’t like as much! Thanks, everything is much appreciated!


Designer I Am Loving: Alexander McQueen

I loved the scarves with the skulls, but who knew I could love the rings and the shirts more? The new look with the pastels is killing me. I want this ring so much. It’s so dainty and cute but still edge-y. I just know this ring would get a million compliments.

The pastel skulls on the t-shirts are just as cute, but a little overpriced for just a tee.Still, I love the juxtaposition of the pastel, girly colors and the skull image.

What do you think? Tacky or innovative and cute?

What Sells Perfume

What is it about perfume that sells it? Is it the smell? Or do all perfumes smell the same after a while? I think the category is definitely a preference. Personally, I like smelling like natural elements like flowers and woods, and not food.

I really think that the average person has little preference when it comes to the actual smell because how sensitive is our sense of smell anyways? I think that the majority of the decision comes from the advertisements and the media surrounding the perfume rather than the actual scent.

Bazar’s top perfumes include Chanel no. 5, Dior J’adore, and Marc Jacobs Daisy. All are individually undeniably beautiful scents but what makes someone spend $80 on something so trivial? After all, can anyone really understand what scent this is: “rose, orange blossom, pepper, and patchouli into a scent that is enticingly both feminine and bold”?

I can admit to myself that the reason I buy Marc Jacobs is because the cute bottle, just as someone who chooses Chanel no. 5 should admit that it’s because Nicole Kidman looks so elegant in the ads.

Do people disagree or agree? You could love the scent you wear but what makes it truly different than the next floral perfume?

Happy Valentine’s Day

I am not a huge fan of Valentine’s day because I think if you are in a relationship, every day should be Valentine’s Day and if you’re not, then it just sucks. Nevertheless, in the spirit of the day, I decided to show you some of my favorite floral looks along with the flowers that inspire them. Hope you all have a wonderful day and that you remember all the love in your life.

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