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Happy Friday!

Giulietta via

My favorite new obsessed is peter pan collars. This outfit is by far my favorite. The red skirt against the neutral colors really make this look. I am in love with the black collar against the nude shirt. Everything works from the style to the colors to the materials. To me, this outfit is perfect for spring walk in Central park with a cone of strawberry ice cream. I want.


Trend I’m Loving

With Spring and Easter just around the corner, I have to help myself to pretty pastels. This season, pastels are everywhere: shirts, pants, shoes, and nail polish. Pastels last long into the summer days.

To make the light pinks and purples extra girly look for bows and lace that extenuate the femininity of the color.

Pastels also can be tougher if say its light pink jeans with ankle boots and a denim or leather jacket.

What I like most about pastels is they make you happy, make it feel like spring, and look good on almost every skin tone.

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Getting Bikini Body Ready

I don’t have tips to make you lose weight or get in shape as I myself struggle the fight against the freshman fifteen but for all those out there who are hot already, here’s my favorite bikinis of the season:

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New Trends

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I’ve noticed just two trends that I wanted to highlight. First of all, I really love the sort day-laborer-chic look which has become popularly lately. I was sick of seeing just trenches and Hunter rain boots in the snowy days of winter, so it is definitely refreshing to see some more of parkas and work boots.

The other trend I am digging is the slit up the dress or skirt. Both of these trends I feel are reminiscent of the 90s which is fun, since thats the decade that everyone loves to hate on– and being a 90s baby, I must stay truthful to it. I think the slit is hot and allows maxi dress to be less frumpy and sexier. What do you think: are slits trashy or classy?

“Fashion” Forward into the New Year

Here are some trends I’ve collected that I think are prominent in fashion for the this season and the next. Hope you enjoy!

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