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Sex and the City

Sex and the City was the perfect show. At every age, women can relate to the problems with men and the importance of great friends and feel like they are watching their friends on the screen. One of my favorite parts, of course, is the fashion. Here are my favorite looks, all 84 of them.

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Style Icon: Sarah Jessica Parker

As both Carrie Bradshaw and her off-screen self, Sarah Jessica Parker transformed what it meant to be creative with fashion. With Patricia Field fashion guidance, SJP became what she is today- a legend. Off-camera, she dresses simplistically but still wears shapes and colors that reflect the daringness of her character Carrie Bradshaw. I admire her so much because she pushes boundaries and although sometimes it is a miss, she continues to be daring and dress how she wants to. She doesn’t let trends or styles define what she puts on.