What Sells Perfume

What is it about perfume that sells it? Is it the smell? Or do all perfumes smell the same after a while? I think the category is definitely a preference. Personally, I like smelling like natural elements like flowers and woods, and not food.

I really think that the average person has little preference when it comes to the actual smell because how sensitive is our sense of smell anyways? I think that the majority of the decision comes from the advertisements and the media surrounding the perfume rather than the actual scent.

Bazar’s top perfumes include Chanel no. 5, Dior J’adore, and Marc Jacobs Daisy. All are individually undeniably beautiful scents but what makes someone spend $80 on something so trivial? After all, can anyone really understand what scent this is: “rose, orange blossom, pepper, and patchouli into a scent that is enticingly both feminine and bold”?

I can admit to myself that the reason I buy Marc Jacobs is because the cute bottle, just as someone who chooses Chanel no. 5 should admit that it’s because Nicole Kidman looks so elegant in the ads.

Do people disagree or agree? You could love the scent you wear but what makes it truly different than the next floral perfume?


One response to “What Sells Perfume”

  1. Britt Whit says :

    ooh Ma Cherie by Dior is one of my favorites! I like light scents

    love from San Francisco,

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