Although my passion has always been acting, I decided to sign with Ford Modeling Agency at fourteen years old. I hoped that modeling would be a way to experience that industry without endangering my education. In the beginning, I loved the luxury and the maturity associated with the job, but as it continued, I started to loathe the focus on materialism and appearance.

After months of disinterest, it occurred to me that modeling was more complicated than just smiling. During one particular job with Coach, I was given direction to portray a character. By being asked to convey feeling, I realized that the magic of being able to take on a new identity could be found in both acting and modeling.

Coach ad featuring me at age 16

Through modeling, I learned discipline, persistence, and most importantly, I learned that I am responsible for making the best of a situation. I do not want to pursue a career in modeling in the future, but those lessons I will take with me to apply in everything I do.

Today, models are getting younger and younger. I had a good head on my shoulders and never listened to criticism to get thinner, but I am scared for the girls who want modeling more than anything because they are willing to sacrifice their body and health to become successful.

For the most part, my favorite models are swimsuit models because they are forced to have curves and shapes that some runway models are forced to get rid off. Famous supermodels’ bodies are all unrealistic for most of America but it is a much heather mindset to think of beauty as a women with a great body and a beautiful face then a women who is pure bones and is starving herself. Sorry, but that’s just not hot.

Bar Refaeli featured on Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition in 2009


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