Glamour’s Cover Changes

As I am sure you’ve heard or seen, Glamour changed their cover from hot pink and red to yellow print and instead of the white background we are so used to seeing on covers, there is a set behind the beautiful Amanda Seyfried.

I personally love the change. With magazines struggling to stay on the newsstands, it is so smart for them to change things up and try to appeal to the reader in a new, innovative way. The change doesn’t seem big, but it will hopefully draw in more readers for Glamour!

“We felt like Glamour had become a little too formulaic,” Ms. Leive said. “If I’m bored, the reader probably is, too.”

A few things about the magazine are different too like the focus on the fashion (the Do and Don’t article from the back of the magazine is now featured at the front) and less on the sex.

Being an aspired fashion journalist myself, I wonder what the industry will be like once I graduate college and start applying for jobs. I think no matter what the medium (print or online) fashion journalism will learn to adapt and use the strengths the company has already accomplished to try new endeavors.


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