The Lipstick Index

Interestingly enough, during this economic turmoil, lipstick has gone up 14% in sails and nail polish has gone up a shocking 54%. At first, I was sort of stunned but as I continued to read the article in Time Magazine, I found it made more and more sense. As we cannot afford designer handbags and beautiful dresses and shoes, we still crave that feeling of luxury that was so violently ripped from us after we were fired, or had to cut back because of other reasons.

The “lipstick index” refers to that phenomenon that as the economy goes down, smaller, less expensive items of luxury will continue to soar because we constantly crave the extravagant.

Nail polish and lipstick are in fact unnecessary  lavish items, but yet they are inexpensive. I know, personally, just swiping my card and then walking through the streets with a  Chanel bag, even if there is just lipstick inside, gives me the feeling of both sophistication and happiness that is irreplaceable.

My favorite lipstick currently is the one featured in the ad above and the $34 was well spent for the ecstasy and pride I felt strolling through the New York street with my Chanel shopping bag. So treat yourself to something small if you can’t afford the luxury you once did, because that small item has the ability to make you almost as immensely happy.


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