What’s the Deal with Fur?

What do we think– is fur fashion or murder? When I initially think of fur, what comes to mind is the luxurious Old Hollywood movie stars.

Still from the classic film, The Thin Man (1934)

I am a red-meat vegetarian for my own personal reasons; mainly, I just think pigs are cute. To me, fur is as essential as eating veal, but you never hear anyone making a cow about that (pun intended). It is a luxury and unnecessary, but we do it anyway and why? Because we love the unnecessary. No one just buys a one bedroom apartment for them self if they can afford a duplex in Manhattan. It is just the way capitalism has programed us to think.

Fur-wearer, Nova Landaeus, actress and dancer, said it well in an article with The Cut, “I find it very hard to dress in a way that makes you feel like you look nice in the winter. Fur is sort of a way to bridge that, but I only wear vintage. I’ve grown up with the idea of reusing resources. Though I don’t condone the killing of animals, I don’t think we should throw away the beautiful furs that already exist. Eventually this coat will keep someone else warm, rather than going into a landfill.”

Unless you use no leather, eat no meat, and use no animal products, I do not see the difference with wearing fur. Of course, in copious amounts, anything is bad, but as Landaeus comments, if it is vintage then I fully will appreciate the beauty and luxury associated with fur.


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