Lisbeth Salander- A New Bread of Beautiful

After reading “Wonder Women, Highly Metallic”, an article in this morning’s New York Times, I began to wonder if gauges, tattoos, and nose rings are actually hot. We are all told that beauty is subjective but yet, mostly everyone can agree that Mila Kunis is one of the hottest women to ever exist, but yet, on Ask Men’s Top 99 Women of 2012, which is by no means the final word, Rooney Mara is #3, beating out Miranda Kerr (#4) and Mila Kunis (#13). The interesting thing though is the picture of Mara that illustrates her as a “cute, unassuming brunette.” So what are we attracted to- her kick-ass attitude displayed in Girl With a Dragon Tattoo or simply just her ability to become the kick-ass character Lisabeth Salander but then, at the end of the day, tame herself and become a lady?


Although her transformation is remarkable and her acting is definitely worth an Academy Award nomination, I am still hung up about what makes her the third hottest woman in 2012 and I’ve come to the conclusion that it has to be the characteristics associated with the lip rings that make her hot, not the lip ring itself. Yet, this style, referred to as “Salander Style” by the New York Times is not just popular in the movies, but it is becoming a popular trend in fashion, as it is redefining both punk and grunge. We cannot ignore that “Salander style” has been a theme in the recent seasons. Both leather and metal have been an upcoming trend for multiple designers including Givenchy and Alexander Wang.


You do not need to dye your hair black and pierce your nips to successfully pull off this new trend. Just some killer grunge-y boots or these awesome Miu Miu canvas sneakers and a leather jacket and you are good to go. This style is very accessible and can easily go from runway to the street if you just subtract the chandelier nose ring and put on a metal cuff bracelet instead. It would be hard to argue that Rooney Mara is an unattractive girl, but given her two polar opposite looks, which do you prefer?


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