How to Decorate Your Dorm

This isn’t quite a fashion post but I really wanted to share my dorm decorations with you all because dorm living is one of the biggest adjustments I’ve had to make and I want to give my advice how to make it a little more enjoyable! Moving into a new place with a roommate that I didn’t know was a frightening process for me. Little by little I was able to call it home as I added more and more decorations and made it mine.

I have decorated my dorm with Valentine’s Day decorations  as you can see on my mirror and windows (although, I am debating whether I should keep them up all year!). One of my favorite things I did was a New York City postcard collection near my pillows on my bed along with some letters and drawings. It’s nice to fill the room with some color and make the room less sterile and ordinary.

My desk is really my favorite part of my room though. With my Audrey Hepburn (she’s cut out of the photo unfortunately) and Sex and the City posters hanging above me, I also have trinkets and books on a shelf that serve as both decoration and function. The heart lights I got off of and it is one of my favorite purchases I literately have ever made. I swear, decor is something that is worth investing in if it will make you happy every time you see it, because you will see it everyday! On my desk I have magazines, a dictionary (to prove my scholarly aptitude), a New York City mug as a pen holder, frames of families and friends, etc. To add some color, I placed a piece of fabric to hide the ugly jail cell wall.

To the right of my desk (the bottom right photo) I have a sticky note calendar and a Manhattan poster – which is my favorite movie. The window has lights from Christmas still on that I never want to take off.

Hope this gave some of you inspiration for your dorms or maybe homes! Thanks for checking back in! xo


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