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Getting Bikini Body Ready

I don’t have tips to make you lose weight or get in shape as I myself struggle the fight against the freshman fifteen but for all those out there who are hot already, here’s my favorite bikinis of the season:

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Favorite Oscar Looks

When I was younger, I dreamed of being two things: a princess and an actress– as you can imagine, Grace Kelly’s life story blew my mind. Nowadays, when I watch the Oscar’s, I really realize that they are one in the same. Without being an actual princess like Grace Kelly, these actresses seem like they have it all- designer jewelery, beautiful gowns, honorable poise, etc. At the Oscar’s there were a lot of role models on the red carpet and I really hope young girls and boys were watching and looking up to them because of not only their appearance, but their extreme talent and undeniable elegance. Here are my favorite actresses that I think looked like pure royalty on Sunday night.

Sorry I have been MIA, like Woody at the Oscars. Gonna step up my game and commit to this better, but its hard getting around to it every day when I am so busy with college work, partying, and pledging. Please give me any feedback though and tell me what you like, want to see more of, and didn’t like as much! Thanks, everything is much appreciated!


Designer I Am Loving: Alexander McQueen

I loved the scarves with the skulls, but who knew I could love the rings and the shirts more? The new look with the pastels is killing me. I want this ring so much. It’s so dainty and cute but still edge-y. I just know this ring would get a million compliments.

The pastel skulls on the t-shirts are just as cute, but a little overpriced for just a tee.Still, I love the juxtaposition of the pastel, girly colors and the skull image.

What do you think? Tacky or innovative and cute?

What Sells Perfume

What is it about perfume that sells it? Is it the smell? Or do all perfumes smell the same after a while? I think the category is definitely a preference. Personally, I like smelling like natural elements like flowers and woods, and not food.

I really think that the average person has little preference when it comes to the actual smell because how sensitive is our sense of smell anyways? I think that the majority of the decision comes from the advertisements and the media surrounding the perfume rather than the actual scent.

Bazar’s top perfumes include Chanel no. 5, Dior J’adore, and Marc Jacobs Daisy. All are individually undeniably beautiful scents but what makes someone spend $80 on something so trivial? After all, can anyone really understand what scent this is: “rose, orange blossom, pepper, and patchouli into a scent that is enticingly both feminine and bold”?

I can admit to myself that the reason I buy Marc Jacobs is because the cute bottle, just as someone who chooses Chanel no. 5 should admit that it’s because Nicole Kidman looks so elegant in the ads.

Do people disagree or agree? You could love the scent you wear but what makes it truly different than the next floral perfume?

Favorite Area of New York: the East Village

New York City is a magical place with so much history and culture. I want to illustrate each of my favorite neighborhoods for you inhabitants of the wonderful island as well as the non-New Yorkers. The East Village neighborhood was the center of counterculture in New York and that culture still remains. It could be my favorite neighborhood in the entire city. Its diversity and old New York beauty captivates me in a way that not all of the streets can do.

The East Village makes me believe in dreams and fame. I just finished Patti Smith’s Just Kids and it is truly inspiring to read her recount of the city as it once was and then to walk the same streets hoping for the same reality.

Now the East Village is crowded with privileged NYU college students instead of musicians and artists who starve for their craft, so naturally, the feeling is different, but the spirit that once was still remains.

East Village - 2nd Avenue

The East Village is made up of smaller neighborhoods including: Alphabet City, St. Mark’s Place, and the Bowery. In St. Marks Place, you have to try $1 pizza and Pho 32 & Shabu, which is an amazing Japanese Shabu restaurant in the middle of tattoo and piercing parlors. This street is one of the few that still resembles the grimy nature of the old East Village.

That cannot be said for the Bowery, which once was known for ts many homeless shelters, drug rehabilitation centers and bars. Now the Bowery is an extremely expensive, trendy, and chic street.

Some of the culture remains as both the Bowery Ballroom and the Mercury Lounge continue to run playing music. With these concert halls, the vibe of this less industrial and more creative New York also remains.

My favorite store in the East Village is Foley + Corinna and my favorite restaurant is ‘inoteca, which would go unnoticed but they have the best anti-pesto collection in the world.

If only everyone looked as cool as this chick nowadays.

Photographed in 2006 by The Sartorialist