Five Shops and Stops in New York City

Now that I am back at college I am desperate to go back home to New York. Of course, being back at school is amazing, but I miss my friends and family and New York City. So if anyone is lucky enough to be there now or is visiting soon, here are the five places I made sure to go before I left.

5. Pixie Market (100 Stanton St # 2, New York, NY) is definitely a place to stop. They really carry it all from simple feminine dresses to some eccentric pieces. It’s not too expensive at all for the quality and the unique clothing you will find here.

4. John’s Pizzeria (278 Bleecker St, New York, NY) is the best pizza in New York (so basically the world). You have to go to the one on Bleecker Street not Times Square if you want to do this right.

3.  Calypso is expensive but has amazing deals a couple times a year including the beginning of January so stop by the many locations in New York, uptown and downtown. The style is very bohemian travel wear, but at the same time, very accessible for everyday wear. It’s a store that is really underrated for how beautiful and elegant the designs actually are, so definitely check this one out too.

2. Intermix (1003 Madison Ave., New York, NY) is a very expensive store but it is worth it to look around and gawk at the beautiful clothes. Not really any sales but it has really great items so save up for.

1. Madewell(486 Broadway New York, NY) is like the cooler, younger sister of J Crew. Not too pricey but so cute and really great casual work or school attire. Obsessed with this store and so should every other twenty-something year old.


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4 responses to “Five Shops and Stops in New York City”

  1. letizia says :

    oh I’ve just bought my ticket to NY for august! definitely need to go check these places!

    • nybred says :

      so happy to get positive feedback– be sure to come back as i will often blog about some of my other favorite stores, restaurants, clubs, and more. suggestions are very encouraged and appreciated! thanks!

  2. alisia e says :

    My best friend moved to NY and I plan on visiting her in the Spring and this post got me excited all over again to go for my first time! Thanks for stopping by my blog and check out my Madewell Spring 2012 post.

    alisia e

  3. Michael says :

    Gosh, i kinda started missing NY. Haven’t been there for three years ;-(

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