Welcome to NY Bred. As a New Year’s revolution, I decided to do something that I will actually stick with instead of pretending for January and some of February that I am actually going to start eating healthy or going to the gym. Being born and raised in Manhattan, it goes without saying that I have developed a love for fashion (also known as: shopaholism). I am also very interested in acting which actually led me to model for four years with Ford Modeling Agency, as well as sign with a acting agency which I am still signed with. Currently, I am a freshman student at a small liberal arts school in Pennsylvania, which has been an enormous culture shock. As amazing as this new experience is, I miss New York and everything that comes along with it – the subway system, bars and clubs, chinese take-out, being able to do something at any hour, my friends, my family, etc. Besides for the fact that I just felt the need to create a blog because every other young adult in the 21st century seems to have one, I also wanted to create this blog to show my love and appreciation for New York. I am not quite sure where this blog will lead but I can promise you I will deliver faithful posts every morning. Thanks so much for viewing my blog and I really hope you come back again!



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